A water tower in Rowlett, Texas have tear down in Monday Pebruary 6 2017 after more than 1 year damaged.  In December 26, 2015,  tornado was bring down a Rowlett water tower that also  damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and left the water tower inoperable.  Finally,  a cutting torch, steel cables, a backhoe tractor and 8-hours of hard labor end the water tower.

Built in 1980 the 16-story tower was declared can’t fixable and brought down with a loud unceremonious thud onto a pile of dirt excavated to soften its fall.  Rowlett authorities said the city’s water utility system months ago took over functions of the tower, which won’t be replaced. Officials expect demolition and site restoration to take about three weeks. Onlookers, many of them tornado survivors, pulled up lawn chairs to watch the tower come down.

Rowlett councilmember Robbert van Bloemendaal said that it just isn’t safe to leave the tower in place, vulnerable to another severe weather event. “It’s become an icon for the city and for the people around here, but unfortunately it has to come down. I can see the reasons for that,” said van Bloemendaal.

The city plans to preserve pieces of the water tower for a public art display and may build a sculpture in memory of the people impacted by the tornado.

Now on the ground, after a groaning fall that ended with a thud, the tower will be cut into salvage scrap. But some of the metal, including the words “Rowlett” are scheduled to be used for art installations to honor the victims and the spirit of the survivors.