Water is very sensitive to pollutant. In fact, single drop of chemical liquid will change entire compound. These are the basic issues for water from public area. There are many households boiling to dissolve any unhealthy particle inside water, but it’s not enough. You need to install water filtration system in house to make sure the water is healthy and safe. This article is about water filtration system reviews which include the tips before buying and installing. Top seller does not mean the best product. You need to consider many things and the best one always comes with quality.

Things to Know before Installing

  1. Water contamination

Before exploring about home water filtration systems reviews, there are several matters that have to be considered. Firstly, you need to consider water contamination. In urban and city area, water is highly and easily contaminated due to many chemical compounds. Actually, company will use advanced process to reduce these compounds. However, some of them are passed then reach your house. Of course, it is not good news, particularly for baby and kids.

Each of systems has their own specific process to get rid of contamination materials. They may come with three to six steps until the water is ready to use. The steps or stages do not relate strongly to the result. One system may get excellent result in just three steps, but the others take more than four steps. The essential is filtering process. You need to read guideline or instruction thoroughly until know how contamination will be thrown away from water. For such reason, ask seller or dealer to get further information.

  1. Capacity and performance

You are able to create simple system using water jar, sand, pebble, and charcoal. However, those materials and tools are not enough to handle huge capacity. Keep in mind that water for consumption is in very big amount. People use water for washing, cleaning, drink, cooking, and many more. The capacity and performance of system is various. Reasonable number is between 500 and 1000 gallons. This system is for single household and not for public or sharing utilization.

In water filtration system reviews, capacity and performance can be seen from several indicators. The simple way is capacity. Other indicators are flow rate, pressure, and certification. The latter is crucial because the system has responsibility to provide clean and healthy water. For such reason, manufacturer needs to register system then obtain certification. Having device without license is high-risk issue. You do not know what kind of water that will come out from faucet.

  1. Size and design

Filtration system is installed in kitchen sink. People want this system as simple as possible. There is no big and bulk device which is very uncomfortable when putting in kitchen. Basically, water system should be concealed from external views. For such purpose, the device has to be small and practical. On stores, you will find various designs, but you should put attention for three things. The device is easy to replace and install without specific tools. Secondly, it is DIY system, so people can install it at ease. Finally, make sure that the device has enough faucets to connect with water pipe at home. Sizes and designs are the part of requirement in water filtration system reviews

  1. Cost

You can spend $150 for single device to filter water. Another product costs more than $500 which is very expensive. Sophisticated and large capacity might need more than $1000. Cost is another important factor when picking water filtration system. You do not have to pay $500 for device that’s capable to supply big building. The reason is utilization only for small house. Consider the cost or price in third place after take closely for performance and design. You may get the better product with less than $300. Therefore, water filtration system reviews are your guideline to pick the right product.

Top Water Filtration Systems

  1. Apec Water ROES-50

The reason why Apec Water listed on water filtration system reviews is about its performance. The capacity might not as big as the others, but the performance is top grade. It can reduce more than forty compounds to create excellent drinking water. Manufacturer develops technology to handle any filtration process. The design is simple and very practical. One of impressive parts of this device is capability to filter hard-contaminated water. After the process is done, water is also ready to drink without boiling or additional purifying. Basically, this device is your top choice at all.

  1. Waterchef U9000

One of top products for water filtration system reviews is Waterchef U9000. The design is simple, but very practical. You may need professional to do the installation because the device is quite complex. Instruction is available for daily basis maintenance. The benefit of this device is high capacity. You can filter up to 1000 gallons without any issue. Another good side is durability, which takes twelve months to replace cartridge. For your information, water filtration system has specific part called cartridge to filter anything

  1. Kenmore

Osmosis process is what Kenmore does to filter water. For simple explanation, this process uses semipermeable membrane to filter compounds, mostly chemicals. Certain particle or compound cannot pass this membrane that stays outside of water. This process is very effective to filter water from contamination. As you know, tap water is not purely free from pollutant. For such purpose, Kenmore is excellent choice. Therefore, this device should be in water filtration system reviews list.

  1. Aquasana

Small and compact design is what people see from Aquasana. It has three parts to filter water. This device already gets certification, so customers do not have to worry for the capability. One benefit of this device is ability to remove sixty pollutants or chemical compounds. That’s big number compared to competitors on market. Flow rate is decent and there is alert system for cartridge replacement. Moreover, the price is quite affordable. This is good product in water filtration system reviews.

  1. Pelican pro

Having many stages will ensure quality of water. That’s capability of Pelican Pro. This device uses complex process to produce healthy, clean, and safe water. People want simple device with less stage, but they sacrifice the quality. You do not want bad water as compensation for simplicity, right? Pelican Pro offers good device to put on kitchen sink. It also gets license as solid proof. When discussing about water filtration system reviews, this device cannot be ignored.