The treatment of wastewater is one of the way to get better quality about the water. It relates to mention the standard of well water in a region. By some detail steps, the treatment will be very useful to increase the quality of wastewater, so people will get the healthier choices. Steps are important to do because it also will reduce some bad sectors, which decrease the quality. The wastewater treatment process will reduce some matters, as:

  • Biodegradable organics

The process will be nice to reduce the existence of biodegradable organics. This organic is known as the one of ‘food’ for microorganism below the wastewater. When the organic exist, of course the condition of wastewater will be worse and more dangerous. Microorganism will combine this organic with oxygen to get more foods for survival. Of course, the big amount of microorganism will provide the other pollution and it will be more dangerous for the condition of river.

  • Pathogenic bacteria

Another matter, which will be reduce by the process of wastewater treatment, is the pathogenic bacteria. Bacteria is one of the dangerous matter inside the wastewater. The occurring and existence of bacteria inside the waste water will reduce the quality of it. By reducing the existence of bacteria, we are sure that people will have better wastewater, especially when they want to make it as the source of drinking. The process of the treatment also will be useful to reduce the amount of other disease that cause organisms.

  • Nutrient

Kinds of nutrients, such as nitrates and phosphates, are dangerous for people. The amount of the nutrients inside the wastewater will increase the development of unwanted algae. The algae will increase the pollution inside the waste water and of course, it will increase the risk of unhealthy environment. Based on this fact, it shows that the process of wastewater treatment is important to do. By doing the process, people could stop the development of unwanted algae and they are able to remove the industrial chemical.

Based on several points above, we could see that there are some advantages of this process, in order to provide healthier wastewater. The process of course, should be done well with some steps. The steps will show the important process to get the best result in caring the wastewater. Some steps occur inside the wastewater treatment process. Here, we will deliver some common process, which you may see and we are sure that it could inspire everyone, who want to take car about the wastewater.

  • Primary treatment

The first process toward the wastewater, which we could do, called the primary treatment. As its name, this process should be done firstly. The first process is designed to remove the amount of grass and floating solid from the kinds of raw sewage. This method usually also called as mechanical treatment. Why should we do this process? Well, it is because the process will be useful to reduce up to 30% BOD – as we could see it is dangerous for environment, and reduce up to 60% suspended solid below the river.

  • Secondary treatment

The second treatment is also called as biological treatment. It is a step inside the process of wastewater treatment, which will be useful to reduce the amount of organic matter, which escape from the first treatment. The usage of the secondary treatment is to decrease the amount of smaller organism and corrupt the microbes, which are used as the food by the organism – we have said kinds of it before. Doing this step inside the treatment is very important because the practice shows that it is able to reduce up to 85% suspended solid and BOD, so the waste water will be clearer.

  • Tertiary treatment

The last step inside the process of wastewater treatment, which people should do, is the tertiary treatment. This treatment is one of the very important thing to do after the secondary one. It will be best for people to do it sequence to get the best result. Doing this third process is very important because the practice shows that it could reduce up to 99% of all impurities from sewage! The result of this process is people will have a proper water for consumption. However, a bad news about this process is about the technology. It needs a modern technology and the spread of technology is still focused in some big cities because the price of it is too expensive.

Based on several points as above, we could see that the wastewater should get some treatments in order to increase the quality of it. The processes are important to do in order to reduce the amount of bad organism, which will decrease the quality of wastewater. Please do some wastewater treatment process as we have explained above. Call the expert when it is needed.