Have you ever found yourself questioning about the purity of the water you are going to drink? We are sure that you have ever thought whether or not your water contains parasites or bacteria particles. When you question its purity like this, you better do some water purification for it rather than taking risk of getting sick for drinking it. How to purify water then? You don’t have to worry. There are various ways you can actually choose and do. Here we have 4 of them to consider below.

Method #1 Boiling Tap Water in A Pot

Let’s start with the simplest method of all. Yes, as you might have commonly known, the good way to purify water is to boil it in a pot. Use tap water so that there won’t be any solid materials in. Fill your pot with it and boil it on your stove with high temperature of heat. This should be enough to kill all the bacteria. Keep heating the water until it goes into hard boiling. It should take around 5 to 10 minutes for the water to be properly boiled, so wait for it.

When you do this water purification method though, make sure to consider the place. Different altitude means different boiling point. So, wait 1 minute more for every 300m above sea level and you will get the most purification effect this way. Once it is done, you can remove it from the stove and let the water cool down before you can finally drink it. Cooling it down will also help you get the hard materials to sink to the pot bottom, if there is any.

Method #2 Filtering Water with Cone

Did you not bring any handy stove with you when you are out of pure water? Rest assured for you can simply filter your water. This time, we suggest you to use a cone that is made of bark strip. Layer the cone with sand, charcoal, grass, and gravel in it. You can then just pour the water from above the cone, and it will do the job to filter the water and come out as a pure one from below. This method of purifying water sure is suitable when you are in the wilds.

That being said, it is not like you should always resort to this method of how to purify water whenever you get such needs. This method should only be followed when you are in extreme emergencies. You see, even if it has the capability to reduce the amount of microbes in your water, it does not fully purify it. So, be wiser when you choose which method to use. Each method might just be appropriate for certain situation and condition after all.

Method #3 Using Pump Purifier Tool

You know, you can always use certain tool to do the job here. The tool we are talking about here is called pump purifier. As the name suggests, this tool is meant to purify water. It would usually come as hand-held type, making it easy to carry around when you are spending time in the wilds. Also, it is usually made of synthetic or ceramic cartridge, making it sturdy enough to last for a long enough use. Using pump purifier is interesting way to clear water, isn’t it?

It is reliable, handy, and sturdy. What can you ask more than that? This tool consists of two hoses, one for clean water and the other for the dirty one. There is foam flotation device on the hose to keep it from sinking. The pump also has lever to pump the water and purify it. Use this tool with water bottle should be enough to help you with water necessity in the wilds. Clearing water with purifier like this should save you more time than other ways.

Method #4 Adding Purification Tablets

If you don’t find those three methods above to be convenient for you to try, you can always try this one here. Yes, we will have to use tablet or drops here. It is not just any tablet or drop, you know. We are suggesting about using ones meant to purify water. You should be able to find purification tablets or drops at sporting goods or other adventure-related stores. There should not be any problem for finding this tablet or drop around you, right?

The most common one sold by the stores and used by people is one called Iodine tablet. It is the most effective want for 68-degree or more F water. This tablet has the ability to kill bacteria in water. Just keep in mind that it will affect the taste of the water. To use it, you need to filter the water from any visible particles first. You can then add one tablet for each liter of water and wait for as much as 30 minutes till it dissolves. This is the way of how to purify water.