Water is the most important thing in life. You can stay without food for one or two days, but not for water. Human will be completely devastated after losing water for more than twenty hours. Many sources for water are not safe to use. Of course, water has been through many filtering from company. However, it is better to know how to filter water for some reasons.

If you live in the city, water is highly contaminated with pollutant. It does not mean water from river or spring is safe. You still need to filter water to avoid dangerous material. Filtering is not easy but it’s still possible to apply at home. In science subject, project for filtering water is very popular. You will see many kinds of design, but the basic concept is similar. The following section will explain how to filter water with material and tools that can be found around your home.

Simple Way How to Filter Water

  1. Material and tools

Material and tools are the keys of this process. Before going further, several things need to take the attention. This tutorial is for limited usage of water. The amount of water is about twenty to fifty liter. Besides, filtering does not mean water will completely safe. You should follow the next instruction at the end of tutorial for further explanation.

Some materials are easy to find and the rest might take a little bit effort. Ingredient or material consists of sand, pebble, charcoal, and cloth. You may use any sand as long as it comes from clean area. This condition is also for pebble. Charcoal may be difficult to find when you are far from home. In this case, creating charcoal is preferable and easy to implement. Cloth has small pores to let water pass, so do not a very tight one. Those materials are what you need in how to filter water for drinking or not. The tools are also simple and easy to find. You may substitute one to others. The main tools are big bottle or water jar. The other are scissors, small spade, and knife.

  1. Preparation

Next step in how to filter water is preparation. Make sure the materials are enough to fill the half of water jar or bottle. You may use usual bottle from store, but this is for small filtering. Water jar is preferable as it’s bigger to handle much water. Create hole on the bottom of water jar with the size at a quarter to half of bottom area. Use scissor or knife to cut it smoothly. For this reason, you should use water jar from plastic. From preparation process, you may grasp what the next step could be.

  1. Assembly

Water jar has cover on its top to avoid spilling. You need to put the top of it tightly and make sure no water can get out easily. After that, turn upside down, so the bottom area will be on the top. You will see the big hole then just put materials respectively as follow:  pebble, sand, cloth, charcoal, cloth, sand, pebble.

You will see pebble comes at first place, which means on the bottom of water jar. Keep in mind that water jar is in upside-down position. After pebble, sand will come then cloth. The next is charcoal. From this composition, cloth prevents sand to be mixed with charcoal. The top of charcoal is cloth again then sand and pebble. This assembly is crucial part in how to filter water. You can create three layers that consist of sand-pebble, charcoal, and sand-pebble.

  1. Filtering

The materials are ready and your next step is pouring the water. Start from small amount, such as two or three liter. At first, pebble, sand, charcoal, and cloth are still dried. Of course, you need to make them wet then they are ready to handle much. Water comes down from up to bottom then open cover of the jar to let water go out from bottom area. You will see this process as the basic of how to filter water. Wait until the water is gone before pouring it again.

Now, it is time to filter water directly using this device. Water may come automatically using pipe then enter this device. You may need to create holder like table to keep this jar floating. Use small table then create hole at the center with enough to hold neck of water jar. Make sure this holder is balance to prevent accident when the water is full.

  1. Purifying

You may know how to filter water, but purifying is different from filtering. When you need water to wash the car, filtering is enough. From those steps previously, filtering is only able to keep the dust, dirt, soil, or any visible object out of water. Charcoal is also capable to dispose bacteria, but not all of them. For drink and consumption, filtering is not enough. So, you need to rely on purifying water. Several methods are available such as boiling, using chemical compounds, and double filtering. You just need to pick one of them to get intended result.

More about Water Filtering

  1. Using chemical

Simple filtering is not enough for mass production and utilization. Producing fresh and clean water requires effort and money. Company will use any measure to get the most efficient result. One of them is chemical compounds. You may be familiar with chlorine dioxide as disinfectant. This compound is alternative way in how to filter water.

  1. Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet is capable to destroy bacteria and virus in water. Moreover, chemical and dirt are able to dissolve perfectly. This device is not for public utilization. Customer needs to require license and authorization before handling and using it. However, using ultraviolet light seems high-risk when water is highly contaminated. Instead of clear and fresh, water may turn into catastrophe. Of course, this device is just for information in how to filter water.

  1. Filtering machine

Many filtering systems are available on market with pros and cons. You should pick based on what you need the most. Filtering system is excellent device to keep water clean and safe. Tapping water from source is not completely good. People install filtering system as additional way to produce excellent water to drink. This device comes in various type and capacity. You may consult with expert or experienced users before deciding to install it at home. From the steps to filter water, this system is the simplest at all. Of course, the information about how to filter water is really important as knowledge.